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Do you find it hard

to calm down your mind?

Stress relief for your whole family. Fly a plane with your brain. Learn to be focused and relaxed.

Dr. Tim Fennell PhD Counsellor

Let’s work together to implement strategies that help you manage your stress, creating positive change in your life!

Control Stress Easy - Calm Down Your Mind
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Do you find it hard

to stay focused?

Understand your brainwaves with neurofeedback technology. Fly a plane with your brain.

Dr. Tim Fennell PhD Counsellor

Let’s work together to implement strategies that help you manage your stress, creating positive change in your life!

Control Stress Easy - Focus
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Do you struggle with

feeling overwhelmed?

Stress reduction for the whole family that is fun and not invasive. Fly a plane with your brain.

Dr Tim Fennell PhD Counsellor

Let’s work together to implement strategies that help you manage your stress, creating positive change in your life!

Control Stress Easy - Overwhelmed

We provide tools that give you the power to easily control your brainwaves!

Its great for the WHOLE FAMILY!



Are you feeling at a loss, not knowing how to support your child with Autism, ADHD, or other behavioural concerns? You may face daily challenges as you work to help your children focus better, relieve stress, and regulate big emotions! You want to help your incredible son or daughter (you know they have so much potential) but you aren’t sure how to unlock it!


Struggle to stay focussed on tasks?

Experience anxiety in loud or crowded places?

Become agitated easily?

Struggle to remain calm when things don’t go your way?

While these situations are all different, we only need to look a little deeper to see if they all have the same root cause. These behaviours are all stress reactions to anxiety, frustration, and feeling overwhelmed.

Stress reactions can look different for everyone! But the key to unlocking the mind’s potential is always the same. By learning to harness the power of your brain, you will develop a mental strength that gives you control over your emotional and physical response to any situation!

So, the big question is:
 How do I harness the power of my brain? 

Think of your brain as a car engine with different gears for power.

Excessive power leads to overstimulation, while insufficient power causes sluggishness and withdrawal.

Optimal brainwaves enable peak performance.

Learn new techniques to strengthen your brain to achieve your best consistently.

At Control Stress Easy we guide you in understanding how your brainwaves work.

We have developed the Fennzone Method which teaches you mind and body exercises that help calm both the physical and emotional symptoms of stress.

Have you ever been in a car when the gears haven’t been changed on time? The engine might rev really loud, or the car might do little bunny hops. Well, this is what it is like when your brain isn’t producing the right amount of power (hertz).

Your brain is ‘revving’ when you:

get angry while doing your homework

get upset when it’s too noisy in a room

Your brain is ‘bunny hopping’ when you:

can’t focus on one task
can’t listen or respond to instructions

Here are the things you will learn with Fennzone!

At Control Stress Easy we have many ways you can work with us! We provide in-person coaching, online quizzes and courses, as well as regular group-learning events. We even work with biofeedback technology to do Neurofeedback Treatments – sound scary? We promise it’s really cool!

To start your journey, we recommend working through our Brainwave Self Assessment!

How to understand your brainwaves and thought patterns for a better understanding of your body’s stress reactions.

Breathing techniques to calm your body
and mind

How to slow your heart rate to lower your
body’s stress response

Brain Training Exercises to help control the power in your mind!

Offering you positive behavioural support as a registered NDIS Provider!

Whether your child is newly diagnosed with Autism, or you are a seasoned traveller on this challenging journey, we are here to support you! Depending on your funding from the NDIS, you will be allocated a support category called ‘Improved Relationships’ through the Capacity Building Support Budget. Control Stress Easy is a registered provider, aimed at helping with Improved Relationships and Positive Behavioural Support Strategies! In your NDIS care plan, you will have a list of outcomes that are desired through behavioural and emotional support and will also guide you to see what support options you may have.

At the end of the day, we want you to feel supported so that your child can thrive! It’s time we provided you with ways to reduce stress and teach you methods of improving focus and motivation. Are you ready to leap?

What can Control Stress Easy help you achieve through  the Fennzone Method? 

What can Control Stress Easy help you achieve

 We support NDIS 
 children and families! 

Don’t have a diagnosis?
We can still support your child or teen!

Struggling to parent effectively?
We can help you build out your toolkit!

We are registered with the NDIS!

Great for supporting people with
Autism and other disabilities!

My son was gaming at night and not able to wake up in the morning. He was very irritable and his grades were failing. After a session with Coach Fennell and doing the program online, he is not only able to stop gaming when it is time to stop, but he is playing better and enjoying it more! What is most important is that he is calmer, able to get up in the morning, and is doing better at school!

 JEFF M. | Grateful Father 

Here are some of our
 Helpful Resources! 

Courses & Quizzes!