Welcome to the Fenn system

Through the comprehensive online courses, coaching, neurofeedback technology, and various mind and body techniques taught in the Fennzone, our packages allow individuals to more quickly access their ideal mental state and perform in various settings at an optimum level. We teach kids and their familys who are diagnosed with Autistic ADHD to optimize their daily living. Learn our mind and body exercises online to develop strong mind and bodies. Learn to control your breathing heart rate and brain waves. You learn understand how your brain works Biofeedback Neuro Feedback. Business professionals, help your self succeed and your whole family learn at the same time to control stress and perform at your bests. Works for everybody all walks of life be everyday champions. Are program is proven to work and helps family to have fun and optimize their daily live and events.

At What We Believe

Dr. Tim Fennell, PhD, is the ‘Get in your Zone’ Stress Reduction Coach & Sports Consultant for athletes, high performers and anyone who wants to control their stress and perform at an optimum level.

Formerly the Sports Counsellor at the Disney Institute, Tim Fennell is a Sports Counsellor and stress reduction specialist trained in biofeedback and neurofeedback. He is a Registered Member of the Australian Counselling Association.

The Fennzone System is used by schools and youth centres as well as golf and tennis programs to optimise performance among student athletes. Tim also consults with professional and collegiate athletes to reduce stress and improve game time performance.

What People Say
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