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We believe in empowering families to manage the effect that stress has on their daily life.

We do this by teaching body and mind exercises that give you power over your brainwaves! We focus on supporting the whole family through our deep understanding of NeuroFeedback theories and technology.



 Control Stress Easy 

Stress Relief for the Whole Family

Control Stress Easy strives to provide you with specialised stress reduction coaching! Through our signature Fennzone Method, we are able to help you and your whole family quickly access the brain’s ‘ideal mental state’ to help you perform at your best in all areas of your life! We believe in helping you reach your optimal performance; helping you get in your zone, to work and play at your best.

We teach kids, and their families, who are diagnosed with Autistic ADHD to optimize their daily living. Learn our mind and body exercises online to develop strong minds and bodies. Learn to control your breathing heart rate and brain waves. Learn to understand how your brain works through specialised Biofeedback technology called NeuroFeedback.

While we focus on supporting children and families with the challenges of day-to-day life, we also have a passion for helping to improve sporting performance and the corporate workplace atmosphere.

Control Stress Easy Improve Family Relationships

 With Control Stress Easy you can: 

Participate in one of our comprehensive Digital Courses or Programs

Work 1-on-1 with Dr Tim to understand your Brainwaves through Neuro Feedback

Join one of our organised Group Sessions

 About the 

 Fennzone Method 

Control Stress Easy primarily works with the Fennzone method to help improve the lives of their clients. The Fennzone Method was developed by Founder, Dr Timothy Fennell, through his research on Neuro Biofeedback Technology. Developed over 15 years ago, the processes within the Fennzone Method have been tried and tested in many different circumstances and with many different challenges. It is a proven system that teaches you to control your brainwaves, to ensure that they are working in the optimal zone to improve your performance and response in all situations.

Want to learn more about how the Fennzone Method works?

 Dr Timothy Fennell 

Specialist in Sports Psychology | Counsellor | Stress Reduction Coach | Founder of the Fennzone Method

Dr Tim is Control Stress Easy’s Founder and dedicated Stress Reduction Coach! Through his experiences in Sports Psychology and his extensive research while writing his Doctoral Dissertation, Tim developed the theory and practice of the Fennzone Method.

While developing the Fennzone Method (originally designed to support athletes and sporting teams), Tim saw great potential for how this system could support children not only within the sporting world, but within school, work and play! He realised that success and improvement could be achieved within family life, allowing for better relationships at home, benefiting everyone!

In addition to this, Dr Tim saw the great benefits the Fennzone Method achieved with his own child, who had been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome and ADHD. His passion grew to help other parents like him, striving to provide the best opportunities for children to reach their greatest potential. Tim realised that many challenges that were faced by families came down to the lack of ability to manage and regulate feelings of stress, anxiety, frustration and overwhelm. Through his Fennzone Method, Tim has since been creating an atmosphere of calm and focus for over 15 years, helping children and adults alike to control their responses to stressful situations.

Dr Tim’s program teaches the whole family (parents and kids, alike) to understand how to change the way they handle the stress of life. 

Dr Tim Fennell

 Previously a Sports Counsellor specialising in Sports Psychology for the Disney Institute in Florida, USA!

The Fennzone Method is easy to learn and is fun for everyone! Want to know Dr Tim’s favourite part? Through the coolest science of Neurofeedback Technology, you and your whole family will learn how to fly an airplane with nothing but the control of your own brainwaves!

The History of  Control Stress Easy 

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The very beginnings of Control Stress Easy and the Fennzone method began in the USA! Tim began developing the Fenn system while working as a sports counselor in Florida. Tim worked as an educator with the Disney Institute, an organisation developed by Disney to teach and train professionals on many topics related to excellence and leadership. During his time at the Disney Institute, Tim coached players from the San Antonio Spurs, Orlando Magic, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. As a Championship player on his high school basketball team, a tennis coach, golf coach, and a yoga instructor, Tim has collected years of experience in helping people work and play at their peak level of performance.

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Featured on Golf Channel
Featured on FOX

The Fenn System has been featured on Fox and the Golf Channel, both huge achievements for Dr. Tim and his one-of-a-kind stress management method.

Featured on Golf Channel      Featured on FOX

Control Stress Easy was founded in 2004, with Dr. Tim focusing on supporting families, athletes, and corporate companies to control their stress responses through the use of the Fenn System.

Today the business has grown and developed to help support families and clients with many challenges including disabilities, learning difficulties, and behavioural issues. Dr. Tim’s goal is to teach the world how to manage their stress, in order to reach their optimal performance and continuously work and play in their zone!