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Do you want to achieve your goals and learn techniques to control your stress response?

One of the challenges associated with disabilities, is the struggle to regulate the body’s stress reaction when in difficult situations. At Control Stress Easy we can teach you and your whole family the to calm your mind and remain focused during a challenge. It’s easy and it’s fun; all it takes is a little bit of practice! We’ll be by your side through the journey, guiding you as you strengthen your mind and find your zone!



 Specialising in Autism  Behavioural Support

At Control Stress Easy we specialise in helping people with Autism and other ASD related diagnoses. While our Fennzone Method is beneficial for a full range of disabilities and disorders, we have documented incredible results with improving the challenges associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

It is very common for a child or adult with Autism to have behavioural and emotional challenges. You may notice them ignoring instructions and refusing to listen, they may act out aggressively, or have self-harming repetitive behaviours such as head-banging. Often, they will struggle with showing empathy towards other people or become upset if their normal routine is changed. 

The common thread in all of these challenging behaviours is found in stressful feelings of frustration, anxiety and overwhelm. These stress responses and emotions are often caused by triggering situations paired with their struggle to communicate their needs or concerns.

Through our Fennzone Method, we work with clients on the autism spectrum to teach them simple exercises to help them relax their mind when they are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. This allows them to remain calm in challenging situations, and will help them to calmly communicate their needs. We teach them how to shift their brainwaves into the ideal Zone so that while they remain calm and relaxed, they can also feel focused and aware of what is going on around them!

 Additional ADHD Diagnosis

Tools to create better focus


Inability to Focus

Self-Focused Behaviours
Emotional Outbursts
Difficulty sitting still
Difficulty finishing tasks
Interrupting activities or conversations
Avoiding things that feel too hard
Inattentive or Forgetful Behaviour
Control Stress Easy Disability NDIS ADHD Support Your Concentration

While Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is not an NDIS-funded disorder, it is common to have also had a diagnosis of ADHD along with Autism or other disabilities. Even if you or your child do not have an official ADHD diagnosis, you may be showing some of the signs or struggle with similar challenges.

ADHD is a very complex condition affecting how the mind works. It is believed to be a genetic disorder that causes impulsive behaviours, hyperactivity, limited attention span, and many other behavioural challenges. While we can all display some of these symptoms, it is important to note when these challenges persist throughout childhood and adulthood, as seeking support can significantly improve the struggles you face!

With Control Stress Easy, we can support the symptoms associated with ADHD. By using our Fennzone Method we are able to teach you the ‘mental tools’ you need to take back power over your mind. By using NeuroFeedback to understand your brainwaves, and teaching mind and body exercises to shift your brainwaves into the ideal Zone, we empower you to take control of your challenges, rather than allowing these challenges to have power over you!

What can we achieve with the Fennzone Method? 

Mood and Emotion

Reduce anxiety

Manage panic attacks

Develop emotional regulation

Reduce feelings of overwhelm

Control frustration

Manage emotional stress responses

Learn to stay calm


Increase self control

Improve self-regulation

Create self awareness

Learn to sit still

Learn anger management strategies

Reduce impulsive behaviour

Increase patience

Reduce temper tantrums or lashing out

Daily Tasks

Improve sleep habits

Improve handwriting skills

improve fine motor control

Work & play at your best

Increase productivity

Increase attention span
Improve focus & concentration


Improve interactions during homework or daily chores

Improve ability to listen and interact with Instructions
Improve ability to interact with family
Improve ability to interact with peers

NDIS Care Plans  Supporting the Disability Community 

When you or your child have certain disabilities or disorders, you can receive funding from NDIS. When the process for this can be quite tedious, working alongside your GP and Specialists to complete the application requirements means that you will have lifelong support for the difficulties you face.

Depending on your circumstances, you will receive a care plan that provides funding for several different categories. To receive funding to work with Control Stress Easy, you will need to have support under the Capacity Building support budget. The aim of Capacity Building supports, is to provide help when a person has complex or unclear needs. This may include when they need long-term support for concerning behaviours.

Under the Capacity Building support budget, we need you to have a category called ‘Improved Relationships’.

When this section is present, it means that you will have an outline of different outcomes and strategic support funding that relates to our services at Control Stress Easy.

To find out if you are eligible to work with us as an NDIS participant, we need to look for the following supports in your Improved Relationships budget:

Specialist behaviour intervention supports
Developing social skills to help with community interaction
Individualised social skill development

Working  1-on-1  with Dr Tim

Are you ready to learn how to fly a plane with your brain?
Dr. Tim works 1-on-1 with clients to teach them the Fennzone Method.

We come directly to you! Dr. Tim will schedule your appointment to take place at your home or any other safe and comfortable environment that works for you. Control Stress Easy is based in the Perth Metro and Peel region of Western Australia.

Our In Person Sessions start from $199

Arrange a FREE No Obligation call today to see if working with Control Stress Easy is right for you!

During your Stress Reduction Session, you will:

be connected up to our Neurofeedback system with scalp and earlobe sensors attached to wires

see what zone your brainwaves are subconsciously working in

learn body and mind exercises to shift your brainwaves into different zones

use our airplane simulation to fly a plane with your brainwaves alone

achieve the ideal metal state by learning to keep your brainwaves within the ideal Zone

Just wanted to share with you all that Dr. Tim Fennell has been working with my 12-year-old who has ASD for a few weeks and we have already seen improvement in his ability to regulate his emotions and focus. He enjoys the sessions as they are fun and he forgets it is therapy. Dr. Tim has also helped the rest of our family and I have seen a huge improvement in how I deal with my emotions and stress, especially when dealing with my kids.

 JENNY | Grateful Mother 

Other ways to work
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Self-Led Online Programs

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Organised Group Events

Organised Group Events