Kids & Families

 Family life comes with all kinds of challenges and difficult situations. 

Are you struggling to have homework time without tears?

Maybe your teenager is ignoring your requests to stop gaming, or go to bed.

Are you struggling to be productive or find motivation when you need to clean the house?

The examples are endless because it is easy for our brain to respond negatively in any situation. Why is our mind our own worst enemy?



Through the Fennzone method we learn that this is because when our brainwaves are in the ideal zone, we aren’t able to regulate our stress responses. At Control Stress Easy, we teach you the techniques you need to shift your brain into the Alpha Zone to feel focused and relaxed. By operating in this zone, you will be able to think clearly and respond effectively in difficult situations.

Our method is fun, and with a little practice it will be easy. Try it with your WHOLE FAMILY!

What can we achieve with the Fennzone Method? 

Mood and Emotion

Reduce anxiety

Manage panic attacks

Develop emotional regulation

Reduce overwhelming feelings

Control frustration

Manage emotional stress responses

Learn to stay calm


Increase self control

Improve self-regulation

Create self awareness

Learn to sit still

Learn anger management strategies

Reduce impulsive behaviour

Increase patience

Reduce temper tantrums or lashing out

Daily Tasks

Improve sleep habits

Improve handwriting skills

Improve fine motor control

Work & play at your best

Increase productivity

Increase attention span
Improve focus & concentration


Improve interactions during homework or daily chores

Improve ability to listen and interact with Instructions
Improve ability to interact with family
Improve ability to interact with peers
Helping Your Children to be Calm & Respectful

 Helping  your Children

Childhood is a journey of learning. We can’t expect to know how to act and respond straight away, this is learned through teaching and environment. As parents, we also can’t expect our children to learn effectively if we don’t provide the right tools and training.

At Control Stress Easy we understand the challenges children and teenagers face as they are learning the ropes of life. We also understand why it is so difficult for them to respond effectively when things go wrong or don’t go their way.

Through the Fennzone method we have found that when challenges occur, we can teach the brain to remain in the right zone so that your child can stay calm and remain respectful while situations are resolved.

 The Fennzone Method  is great for Gamers

If you have ever found yourself walking on eggshells to keep the peace between you and your child who has some form of video game addiction, you are not alone. Begging a frustrated child to pause their game for dinner, finish their homework, get to bed on time, or join family activities is an all-too-common parental power struggle.

Use the Fennzone Gamers Program to unleash renewed freedom to you as a parent as well as your child to find an emotional balance between gaming and life’s responsibilities. The fun and engaging online modules teach kids to find an effective way to disconnect from gaming without experiencing psychological stress.

Build your
 Parenting Toolkit 

Being a parent is a challenging role to fill! How easy is it to lose your cool when the kids aren’t listening? Do you find your emotions are getting the better of you as you encounter challenges within your day?

Often in hard situations, we respond with our mind’s easiest path, and this will often be a negative coping strategy that will only create more tension. Yelling, anger, silent treatment, and frustration are all signs your brain is not in its ideal zone.

As a parent, you are going to respond to situations your best when you are in Alpha Zone! Just like our kids, we need our brainwaves to be at their best to respond effectively. Do you want to be a good role model for your children? Control Stress Easy has great tools and techniques that are perfect for parents and children alike.

Working  1-on-1  with Dr Tim

Are you ready to learn how to fly a plane with your brain? Dr. Tim works 1-on-1 with clients to teach them the Fennzone Method.

We come directly to you! Dr. Tim will schedule your appointment to take place at your home or any other safe and comfortable environment that works for you. Control Stress Easy is based in the Perth Metro and Peel region of Western Australia.

Our In Person Sessions start from $199

Arrange a FREE No Obligation call today to see if working with Control Stress Easy is right for you!

During your Stress Reduction Session, you will:

be connected up to our Neurofeedback system with scalp and earlobe sensors attached to wires

see what zone your brainwaves are subconsciously working in

learn body and mind exercises to shift your brainwaves into different zones

use our airplane simulation to fly a plane with your brainwaves alone

achieve the ideal metal state by learning to keep your brainwaves within the Alpha Zone

My daughter had uncontrollable stress over taking tests and was afraid of going out for different teams. After 6 weeks of learning through the Fennzone System by doing the classes and mind and body exercises, she is now able to stay calm, enjoy sports, and do well-taking tests at school!

 FRAN N. | Grateful Mother 

Other ways to work
with  Control Stress Easy 
Self-Led Online Programs

Self-Led Online Programs

Online Program to Control Stress

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Organised Group Events

Organised Group Events