The Fennzone Method

Did you know, there is an ideal mental state needed to achieve your goals!

Optimise your performance and improve your stress reactions with the Fennzone Method.

 Neurofeedback Technology 

The Fennzone Method is based on the science of Biofeedback and Neurofeedback Technology. Biofeedback is a treatment technique that is used to help teach you how to control some of your body’s functions. These bodily functions are often part of the autonomic nervous system, the nervous system that controls your heart rate, breathing, temperature, and so much more.

Often it is thought that these functions are subconscious and that you have no control over them; however, science is now showing the many people that through subtle change, you can create an incredible impact within your body! These changes are often as simple as relaxing certain muscles, which just takes a little practice and determination.

Neurofeedback is a specialised form of biofeedback, focusing on your brainwaves. Professionals will use little wires and sensors, attaching them to your forehead and earlobes. They will then monitor your brainwaves using a machine called an electroencephalograph, which you might know as an EEG.

While you are connected to several sensors, you will typically work with graphics and prompts to see what your brainwaves are doing during different activities.

Control Stress Easy Fennzone Method Fly a Plane with Your Brain

You will then begin to work with different mind and body exercises to teach you ways to help your brain remain in particular brainwave frequencies. We refer to these frequencies as zones! By monitoring your brain activity while practicing these exercises, you are given data about what helps your mind to remain in the zone. Through the process of learning these tools, you will be able to start implementing them in your daily life to help you when you are feeling upset, overwhelmed, stressed or even depressed.

 What are Hertz?

The power or frequency of your brainwaves is measured in Hertz (Hz). Different brainwave zones have different measurements of hertz. Your brain needs to operate in different zones to achieve different activities, for instance, if you are sleeping you want your brain to be in the Delta Zone, which is measured at between 0.5 and 4Hz.

When we talk about getting in your zone, we want you to be in the zone that helps you achieve optimal performance. Our research shows that your brain will perform at its best when powered to 16Hz. This is within the Alpha Zone. By being in the Alpha Zone you will feel focused and aware, as well as relaxed! Our goal through the Fennzone Method is to teach your brainwaves to stay in the Alpha Zone during activities, so you can do things without distraction while remaining calm.

Control Stress Easy Fennzone Method About the Zones

Getting in your Zone 

After understanding your brain’s response to stress, we can teach you tools to help you produce Alpha brainwaves, and get in your Zone. We also teach you ways you remain in the Zone and also find your way back to the Zone when you slip into unhealthy coping strategies. Without having any tips and tricks, it’s really hard to tell your brain to operate in a certain way. However, we teach you exercises with your body and your mind, so that you can control your zones with ease!

 Let’s fly a plane 
 with your brain! 

At Control Stress Easy, one of the fun ways we monitor your brainwaves and teach you exercises is through our airplane simulation.

We have a special program on the computer that connects the Neurofeedback Sensors on your head to work with our game. You then get to fly the plane with nothing but your brainwaves! If your brain is not producing enough hertz the plane doesn’t fly properly, just like if your brain is producing too many hertz, the plane won’t fly well either. The coolest part is that when you achieve brainwaves operating at 16Hz you can fly the plane at its optimal level. Science is pretty amazing!

While you are working with this simulation, Dr. Tim will instruct you as you master different Fennzone exercises, teaching you how to consistently keep your brain at 16Hz.

I have used the Fennzone Stress Reduction Package “Get in your Zone” to help control my anxiety, be able to control my time on screens, focus on work, and keep my emotions in check. I can reduce or quit my time online and enjoy time with my friends and family with a clearer and more focused attitude.


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